So my best friend and I are co-creating a deck of oversized tarot cards.

 We’ve split the major arcana and I’m doing coins and sticks, while she’s doing cups and swords.

I’ve already made a few of them- photos do them no justice- because they are very three dimensional and layered with textured paint, glass, wood, random multimedia, etc- but I’m going to post them anyway.

On a side note, I personally think the esoteric fortune telling custom associated with tarot cards is absurd, but tarot are actually a more ancient form of playing cards- which simply became more and more romanticized as the games they were used for slipped out of fashion, then out of memory. Although I think fortune telling is rediculous, I do think they make a great art project- since mysticism and art blend so prettily.

Anyway, in no particular order- the ones I have done so far:



III of Coins

King of Coins

Page of Sticks



V of Sticks