So my mother, Linda, would be 56 today, if she were alive.
I was on the bus this morning, and I saw her ghost. I mean, a saw a woman who looked so much like her that I did a triple take. The lady in question was not as pretty as my mom, and had darker hair, but down to the penchant for big glasses and berets everything else was the same.
I took several photos but only two were even remotely usable, since the bus was moving and moving busses make for blurry photos.

Here’s what my mom looked like:

This is my mom shortly before she began her chemotherapy, the day we cut off her hair. It was kind of a "before" photo. There are some really cute "after" ones, too.

Here's my mom (and me!) in 1996

Here's my mom (and me again) probably no later than 1981, Note that her love for big glasses remained strong throughout her life.

… and here’s the photos I took of the lady on the bus this morning:

This one's a little blurry, but you can still the very dramatic resemblance.


Here's the best one of the lot I took. You can see that they're not identical, but WOWEE, they were sure cut from the same bolt of universal fabric.