Last night I was just dreaming about being in a pseudo-Portland type city, and then it became known that someone had privatized the use of color, and the world and everyone in it were now violating copyright, and were required to pay a fine. Me and a few other dream-friends decided that it really wasn’t worth it, and began wiping the color off of ourselves. It was vivid in its imagry, and I remember getting to a point where there were only a few smears of color left on me.
It feels kind of grossly prophetic, and surely a dream that is a product of my civilization, and reflective of the times.
Then I woke up, and when I fell back asleep I dreamed about zombies. It seems that my recurring dinosaur dreams have been replaced by them. It’s kind of funny, When I was little I had recurring dinosaur “nightmares” (they were scary only until I realized I had the power to alter the dream if it got too stressful)- as I became an adolescent, these departed in favor of nuclear holocaust dreams, which eventually were replaced by the dinosaur/ megafauna (sometimes sabertoothed cats or other giant carnivores) dreams again. More recently though I guess in the last year or so- these have again been replaced by a different type of scary dream- lots and lots of zombies.
I blame it on World War Z. They’ll get kind of scary sometimes, but if I start ot feel like i’m really trapped, I always manage to become lucid enough to pull myself out of it, so I don’t dread them at all. In fact, they’re usually pretty fun, or at the very least exciting.

Anyway my dreams are always vivid on mon-tue night, because Hunter takes Wesley to grandpa’s house really super early in the AM, and I my body basically goes into a coma when I’m not in a the strange, light pseudo sleep that dominates my nights next to a twitching, grunting cave-troll-baby. Speaking of which, Auntie Paris took this awesome photograph of her wonderful daughter Freya playing with a seemingly passive and compliant Wesley. I can only hope they get along this well as they age.

Freya and her little doll Wesley.