Item 1) I just found out that a dear, dear friend was in a terrible car accident (back on Saturday, but I didn’t hear about it till now!) and is in the hospital with a seriously busted face… though thankfully, nothing life threatening. I called the hospital and we spoke briefly but I almost started crying on the phone just from the shock/ relief/ despair/ emotional punch in the face that they were so injured/ not dead, so I didn’t talk for long. They were on a morphine drip, and were going to be going into surgery for several broken (face) bones later this afternoon. Very, very scary.  Sent flowers. Feel helpless and kind of sick to my stomach.

item 2) Shortly after getting this news, feeling very fragile and distressed, doing switchboard service at work for a particular large company (one aspect of my job). I get a call “so-and-sos answering service how can i direct your call?” I ask….. well they want this and such extension and I say “great! Thank you for knowing exactly which extension you want, very helpful” to which they reply “shut up” and “what do you mean by that?!” I say (a bit confused/ frazzled) “I just mean sir that often when people call they don’t know who exactly they want to speak with or just want to talk to “bob” but without a last name… it’s nice when people know exactly where they want their call directed” to which he replies something along the lines of “yeah and I can hear when you talk shit” … I am pretty taken aback at this point “Excuse me sir?” I ask “But I didn’t say anything!” and he spits “Just patch me through”


Welcome to November.  

Good thing I don’t believe in  omens. Sheesh.