follow that thar link to see all my goodies.

Below are just a FEW of the fabrics I have designed and available for either veiwing or purchasing on— They’ll all be available for sale soon but I have to check them first to see if they came out ok.

Anyway, These ones look pretty great- though I’m actually more excited about the ones I have yet to receive in the mail. Squee!!!!

two of three of my "Haeckel" fabrics

One of the Julia sets fabrics- I think it came out very nicely- it's quite detailed IRL

Another one of the Julia Sets fabric- this one was printed on their organic cotton knit, which is a lucious texture.

Savage Rabbits. The only one of the fabrics I actually drew the basic designs of. I entered it into Spoonflower's "Woodland Creatures" contest, which will be in couple weeks