I am just going to start posting the amazing websites I find here unabashedly, this stuff needs to be seen.

I find so much that’s worth sharing, so many blogs and sites that blow my mind, and I don’t cross post any of them. As of this moment, that’s going to change.

Cats and Mice, arming themselves for battle

This amazing artist has created an entire armory for the Toms and Jerrys of the world. I can’t even imagine how many hours of labor were put into these custom costumes, and I certainly can’t speculate on the motivations that drove the artist to undertake such a project, but whatever their reason, the end result is both bizarre and exquisite.

I can’t think of a single cat who would tolerate wearing this, but nevertheless, it’s amazing.

Bizarre and exquisite happen to be the qualifying factors for me to fall in love with a piece of art. I espcailly love that the mice have been given tiny lances. It sort of evens the score.