Licence to kick


Hunter and I went back in for the second ultrasound on friday.
The first time around they couldn’t see the placenta or the umbillical cord very well, and they didn’t have any friday appointments for about 2 1/2 months, which I was fine with. It was really neet to see Wesley so much bigger this time around, though he was facing away from the “camera”, so we couldn’t get a look at his demon-face this time. We DID however get this fabulous snap of his foot- his best and most brutal weapon against parental tyranny so far.  
He is now 27 weeks, and just over 2 lbs. Tres exciting! 

Calm, submissive state

 Next up, we have an adorable photo I took of Ludwig and Hunter. Ludwig was (once upon a time) known as “the grey streak”, and would not dare show himself for fear of… something. He was scared of people who were loud, people who were quiet, people who sat perfectly still… I think he would have fled from a corpse. in the last few years (since Hunter first moved in), Ludwig has been getting progressively less horrified of anything that moves or doesn’t move, and has been really mellowing out. Hunter seems to have some psychological mojo power over the handsome but insane creature.  This coupled with Ludwig’s getting older and more sage has recently (and dramatically) turned into a delightful change in demeanor, where THE TERROR is simply no longer there. Now every night he comes and hangs out with us on the couch and gets pet or brushed. It’s something that would have NEVER been a possibility just a year ago. Totally awesome.  


As you can see, he’s just a total love bug now.      

Smells like feet but tastes delicious!

Red wine vinegar, water, sugar, rosemary, allspice cloves, red pepper seeds, fresh ground black pepper, mustardseed, and a bay leaf. NOMNOMNOM

 Decided to pickle the radishes from my garden so I wouldn’t be wracked with guilt when I found them half rotten in my fridge. Besides, I’m not a huge radish fan, but man I LOVE pickled stuff.