My totally awesome and amazing coworker Robin made me the absolute, hands down, BEST baby shower invitation I could possibly dream of.

I love it when people understand my weirdness. HUMAN BABY! Oh, we can only hope. Also, the weird tech policy at my work dictates that I shouldn't list them here, so that's why it's all weird and blocked out.

I also was delighted and surprised by the arrival of a box on my couch this morning (very early mail? huh) from one of Hunter’s relatives that was filled with awesome and totally excellent stuff. A bunch of very tasteful maternity clothes, some nice burp/ baby blankets, and a handmade seat cover and vest that I believe were Hunter’s when he was tiny. Additionally, there was a TIGER PRINT ONSIE. It is so silly and delightful that I burst out laughing from sheer delight when I held it up. The 80’s have got nothing on this onsie. It’s ABSURDLY awesome.

My wicked cool uncle Keith (my dad’s bro) also appears to have purchased me a couple mysterious items off my registry. I don’t know what they are yet, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise by peeking, but I am squealy with anticipation.

Our new roommate has moved in and it’s so far so good,she appears to be very easygoing and undemanding, responsible, low maintenance, clean, quiet and all around awesome. Also, she has an adorable little hamster, and will be getting a kitten, which will no doubt piss off bitchy old Quan-Yin and terrify poor Ludwig, but in for the betterment of both, I believe.

Hunter’s birthday was yesterday, and I made him a nice big elaborate dinner this last weekend. I also told him I didn’t buy him a gift, which was a shameless lie. in fact, he has a copy of Daniel Clowes’s new book “Wilson”.  I think he’ll be pretty psyched when it shows up. He really doesn’t expect/ want anything — but I know he’ll be thrilled to receive it; I don’t even think he knows it came out. Wee!

Also,one of my best friends, Paris, has a birthday *today*! For HER I got something which was (sadly) delayed by the ash cloud. I didn’t realize that it was shipping from Europe, but it will totally be worth the wait. So you know those dorky “BFF” necklaces & rings? – the ones that separate into two parts? Well, I totally one-upped that concept by getting a pair of matched ammonite fossil cabochons!

That is, a beautiful ammonite, cut in half and polished. I’ll keep one half and give the other to her. My present is 1000x better than a cheezy necklace or ring set because it’s

A) Hundreds of millions of years old, not made in a crappy factory mold, and


front half...

and the back side. You can't see it too well, but it's actually a bit irridecent!