“I feel more delightful as I recollect more, intelligence is insufficient for me to be excellent”  

Yeah, I really can't even make a decent guess. Honestly, I don't even want to know.


What does it mean?  

Your guess is as good as mine.  

My coworker pal Robin was showing me this Japanese website and their propensity for crosswise black and white striped miniskirt mumus for pregnant ladies (Honestly I can’t think of anything LESS flattering) and I was paging through the bizarre fashion choices for knocked up Japanese chicks just in a sort of weirded out awe when I came across this gem.  

It’s a nursing shirt, so it has a built-in bra. You can whip out your milk-bags through the V-neck and it’s also nice and long, so it’s good for pregnancy too. Really though, it’s the slogan (?) that drew me in. It’s not what I’d call Engrish- it seems to be properly spelled, and the statement structure is not incorrect in any way… it just doesn’t make ANY SENSE AT ALL.  

It’s not like the classic “Carefully slip and fall down” or something, which although it’s funny, it’s also pretty clear what the authors of the sign originally meant. This though this I have no idea about. I really can’t even begin to formulate the intended meaning of this shirt. It’s positive… I think. It seems to be about the desire to be better, but also something about how we’re pretty ok where we are. I honestly and truly am at a loss. I can’t say that I really WANT to know what it “means” though. I kind of fancy the mystery of it. Whatever it is, I must have it.  

This company doesn’t ship to the US, so I’m hoping Robin’s friend will let me have it shipped to her (she lives in Japan) then have her ship it here. I’m totally willing to pay the extra for shipping and whatnot, this is a truly unique piece of mistranslation (??) that I will cherish forever. Linda-mom would have loved this. I’m really wishing I could share this with her right now, she would be as delighted by it as I.  It’s possible I won’t be able to get it, and it wouldn’t be the end of the world or anything, but nevertheless, I have to share it’s aweosmeness with the three people who read my blog. 

It's so big! I thought it was going to be a tiny book, but I was delighted to be wrong!


In other news, I received a mysterious box in the mail yesterday that contained an ADORABLE little baby hat with bear-ears, some bottle top replacements, and THIS amazing book  


It’s a board book; sturdy cardboard pages that cannot be easily torn, and can be wiped clean if soiled with vomit or urine. It’s a gift for Wesley and it was on my baby registry but I HONESTLY did not believe anyone would buy it for me. Lo and behold, I was happily mistaken.  

My dear and awesome friend/ sister from another mother, Jeanine (who I have never even met in person, but who continues to rock my world by demonstrating her awesomeness), totally shocked me by donating to the “Esmeralda is perpetually broke baby-registry” fund. I had NO IDEA I would receive something from her, and was (hormones?) almost driven to tears by the totally hardcore act of selfless generosity she committed. Seriously. I don’t have many friends, but I am fucking blessed beyond words with the ones I do have.  

Some of my faith in humanity was even restored. For a minute. Then I turned on the news and I was like, oh, wait, nevermind.  

So this book: It’s written by Brian Greene, who is one of the foremost physicists alive today. He’s on the cutting edge, and has written books like “The Elegant Universe”, which even some non-nerds have heard of. He’s a pioneer in parallel universes, string theory/ M-theory… cool shit like that. So he wrote a kids book, all about a little boy on a spaceship whose father tells him not to fly too close to a black hole…. but he does. There are consequences. Basically, it’s a retelling of Icarus, but in space, overlaid on photographs of galaxies and nebulae taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, so it’s “illustrations” are GORGEOUS.  

I read it last night in about 15 minutes, and loved it. I will read this every goddamned week to Wes.  

Bedtime science-fiction.  

baby herbs and radishes and whatnot


To top it all off, my garden is doing very well. I got another bag of soil and planted some of the seedlings I had started. Also, many, if not most, of my seeds have sprouted. Things are looking healthy and delightful, and I can’t WAIT to be able to harvest some fresh peas and arugula and radishes and…… arrgh I want it now!  

most of the sprouts are still invisible-tiny, but the Arugula is clearly visible.


Again, not much to look at, but I promise: There's life in those pots!