Time to pimp my baby registry. 

Hunter keeps saying that he’d like it to just pop out now- and while occasionally that’s tempting, I’m kind of into being preggos. It’s interesting to grow and become more ungainly and whatnot. It’s also really interesting to feel little butterflies turn into distinct jabs in my lower abdomen- and eventually (I hope) to be able to see the movement from the outside.

I can also psychologically prepare myself for the bizarreness that reproducing is.

I said to someone the other day that right now I have TWO sets of organs…. and I DO! Sort of- one isn’t exactly MINE- though for all intents and purposes, I have complete control over it for now.


I have caught myself wondering about the genetic probabilities that this child will be selecting from. Blonde hair, or brown? Blue eyes? Green eyes? or hazel? Will it be very tall? My grandfather on my mothers side, as well as his son- are very tall, and Hunter’s entire family is rather statuesque, but the rest of my family are short and somewhat stubby. Hunter’s family has bad skin, mine has excellent. We both have bad eyesight, though mine is FAR worse. Hunter has cherubic, curly hair, and mine is ironing board straight… it’s all just so… uncertain. I wish I could inquire with our DNA (like they were comittees or something) what selections were made, but at the same time, I’m relieved that I have no idea.

I also wonder a lot about relatng to this creature. having a boy-child will be totally awesome in many respects. I hear that they are often more able to entertain themselves, and are less emotional- though of course more destructive (note to self –bolt everything to the walls, possibly even cats-) but at the same time- I won’t have the sort of empathetic experience that a mother has with a daughter. I only have to worry about one penis (rather than every other penis in the world), but then- I also have to learn to deal with a certain amount of mammalian machismo- which I have very little experience with.
These are not uncommon concerns, and actually kind of fun to consider. I’m not really stressed out by the prospect- just curious.
People told me that pregnancy would make me miserable. I have had TONS of different people assure me that various symptoms would manifest- and NONE have to any significant degree beyond sleepiness.
People tell me that it’s soooooo stressful to undertake parenthood- and while a certain amount of stress is a given, I don’t think it has to be that way- and I’m going to see that I make this the most fun it can be for all involved.
People also tell me that my life will change sooo much- and when I say that it’s cool, and I’ll roll with it, and I don’t really think it’s going to be THAT different, just more awesome, I get scoffed at. Frankly, I find it condecending that people assume that the way that they experienced pregnancy or parenthood is the only way it can happen.  I am having a blast so far- and though sometimes I’d love to just have this baby right damn now, most of the time, I’m totally cool with the whole experience from a-z. Maybe after a couple years of howling infant, my opinion will  have changed and I’ll think the whole thing is rubbish, but I have a feeling that this is going to be a much more positive experience than many people have with their children.
Neither Hunter nor I was a big handful when we were infants, and I know that while he was a “boy”- he wasn’t satan incarnate or anything. I liked archaeological expeditions in the backyard and books- so if the child is going to be crazed and hyperactive, it won’t have gotten it from either of us.
What it boils down to is that
*I have a good feeling about this*
(glad I don’t believe in jinxes!)