The ultrasound went well, though the tech couldn’t tell us squat. Hunter and I got up at a horrific hour (for a weekend) and immediately got disoriented once we reached Kaiser, the most poorly laid out medical complex that I have ever had the pleasure of being lost in.

Our ultrasound tech was straight business, and the only thing he told us was that, effectively, he couldn’t tell us anything, and to please leave him alone and let him do his job. lol. I imagine he gets a lot of hysterical, hyperemotional folks who think he’s got all the answers, so I didn’t begrudge him the brusqueness.

Everything looked great from a layperson’s perspective. There were organs, distinct brain hemespheres, wiggling limbs, a vigorously beating heart with beautifully defined chambers, and a totally unsurprising set of boy-parts. That was one of the few things he pointed out, but he needn’t have. It was fairly obvious that the foetus had a very male set of genitalia. Rock on!

It appeared to have a little skeletor-face. I mean, the thing really looked like a little demon- the tech told us that they don’t have much fat at this point, and that’s pretty much just how they look. Also, the ultrasound sees through skin, so a lot of that gaunt appearence is due to the fact that mostly what you’re seeing is bone.

So, without further ado (click on an image to enlarge it- DUH):

In other news, my wonderful uncle Eggy, his wicked cool daughter Molly, and totally groovy wife Donna all stopped by to say “hello” this weekend. Eggy brought me an oversized grain inspector jacket from his job- great pregnant lady clothing- and they also got me an adorable little onsie with a bear on it. It was totally wonderful to see them, as they live alllll the way over in Spokane.

As an additional wonderful surprise, my old boss from a terrible job I had many moons ago dropped a whole BUNCH of really nice baby-gear off on my porch saturday morning.

It was early and I was still in bed when I heard the knock- so I didn’t even bother getting up- I figured it was mormons- but when I stumbled into the living room, it looked like Christmas morning! My single sylllabe grunt of confusion “hurn?” was responded to with a shrug and a “uhn-no?” from Hunter.

Finally I figured out that I should check my phone, and lo and behold there was a message from the wonderful Sarah- saying she had left all that stuff for me. There was a bag of clothes, a handmade blanket, another blanket, a mechanical swing, a bouncer dealie, a boppy, and more- it was just… really overwhelming.

Plus my Violetta Italia cauliflower sprouted- so I’d have to say that aside from my neverending headache, this has been one fine weekend.