Met a lady at the bus stop this morning. She had on a dust mask and rubber gloves. She said

“I got tha OCD an’ ah don’ lahk germs!”

She was from Ohio, recently moved. Her nephew was living at her house; but she got pissed when she found his stash. She said she wouldn’t have minded if he’d been up front with her- he WAS 18 after all, but he hadn’t told her that he smoked, and she felt really betrayed, so she was making him move out.

I’m not sure where she was going, but she was taking the 14 from 88 to 82nd, then she was going to get on the 72.

I warned her that that bus was going to be pretty rough for her, and wished her good luck.

Do you know how long we got till the bus gets here? An how much is cost? I aint never hadta ride this one.

I'm sorry to say that rubber gloves and a mask won't protect you from the 72, lady.