Names, names names. So many overused, mediocre, clunky, or “that’s nice but it means WHAT?!” names…

If it’s male, Hunter and I already agree on Wesley. It’s his father’s middle name, and a favorite of both of ours. Unusual but not unheard of, dignified, and it means “from the west” which would be true enough. I think I can get him to let me give it my grandfather’s name for a middle- Virgil- so it would be Wesley Virgil Bishop. A very nice roll-off-the-tongue sort of name. (Update- Hunter thinks Virgil as a middle name is just fine, so we’re going to roll with that if it’s male)

But for a girl… well that’s not something that we’ve been able to determine. There is no hole-in-one name that we’ve yet found. Today I had some fun sifting through unusual name lists. I have a special penchant for Greek names, but there are plenty of others on there too.  I like all of them, and I’m just rolling them all around right now in my head; not that it is even necesarry yet- but it’s fun to contemplate, and interesting to go through all the different names and their meanings.

For instance, I discovered that Whoopie Goldberg’s real name is, in fact, Caryn Elaine Johnson. I had to check when I discovered that “Whoopie” actually means….. “Whoopie” “Yippee” or “Hooray”… what a bizarre stage name that is, if you think about it.

Anyway, here’s some lovely names I picked out- in no particular order.

Persephone (Greek, goddess of the underworld)

Juniper (Latin, plant name)

Qadira (Arabic, powerful)

Willow (Old English, plant name)

Rosemary (Latin, dew of the sea, also a plant name)

Ophelia (Greek, to help, a helper, a character in Hamlet)

Demetria (Greek, Earth)

Penelope (Greek, The weaver. A character from Greek mythology.)

Artemisia (Greek, belonging to Artemis- goddess of the moon and the hunt)

Isadora (Greek, the gift of Isis)

Onora (Irish Gaelic, a form of honor)

Pania (Maori, a mythological sea-maiden)

Medea (the name of a princess and sorceress in mythology)

Rajani (Sanskrit, dark- of the night)

Alexandria (Greek, defender of mankind)

Rhiannon (Welsh, a nymph or queen)

Drusilla (Latin, from an old family name)

Daphne (Greek, The laurel. In Greek mythology, the name of a nymph who was transformed into a Laurel tree.)

Pandora (Greek, All-gifted, talented. A figure from Greek mythology.)






Cytheria- latin- venus- a pornographic actress!!!!