Glowing shoe houses. Delightful. I always wish I was more inspired to do some sort of urban art like this.

Once, long ago, I took a walk down Hawthorne in the AM only to find little bass relief ceramic Elvis (?) heads nailed on every phone pole from 49th to 29th or so.

 I took one home but left all the others. I think lots of other people did the same thing, because later that evening, they had all vanished.

I’ve seen some pretty wicked cool urban art installations online. Some that can’t even be appreciated unless viewed from an “after it’s complete” type perspective, MUTO of course being my personal favorite.

A still frame from MUTO

The full amazing video of Muto is available here

Since I visit or subscribe to a number of really interesting art blogs (my favorite of course being Bioephemera) I get a fairly regular influx of great exposure, ideas and inspirations for new and bizarre progects I want to do. I mostly don’t have the devotion to engage on any really gigantic but awesome public art- but fuck if I wouldn’t love to. I don’t really know what exactly I would do, but I think something simple and elegant, like the “missing dog head” poster.

If something comes to me in some kind of flash of inspiration, I’ll certainly indulge myself. Seeing those amazing little shoe-houses was just… so cool.

My main issue- or problem with doing something like this, is that it’s essentially casting pearls before swine. How the hell do you know if anyone will see or appreciate or get your little work of art. I mean, those shoe houses could have taken hours of intense and miniature labor, and yet there they are, hanging in some dead tree somewhere, with no way for the artist to know if anyone has even looked twice at them. Maybe that’s a good thing- sort of ego-free art.

 There’s so much great anonymous street or public art out there I feel kind of stupid putting this up, but really it’s always had a warm place in my heart.